Strategic Planning

AUA is in the midst of developing its next Strategic Plan. 

The strategic plan aims to help AUA meet the challenges and rise to the opportunities to better achieve its mission in the coming years by making sure that we have thought through our options and are ready to act in an informed manner when the time is right and situation arises.   The entire university community is invited to share their thoughts and suggestions on the university’s future.   We encourage stakeholders from various sectors outside the university to contribute to this endeavor as well.

Throughout the process, drafts and other documents will be made available on this web-site for your information and comment.

We welcome comments and suggestions and encourage constructive criticism to improve the final outcome of this effort. This is an iterative process, so there will be many opportunities to address concerns and refine the plan. Suggestions may be sent directly at

Process and Documentation:
  • Planning Document and Strategic Plan 2016-2022. June 21, 2016
  • Boards of Trustees Meeting Review. June 2, 2016
  • Updated Drafts Mission, Vision, Program Goals and Institutional Priorities: May 2, 2016
  • Updated Drafts: April 28, 2016
    Feedback on current draft due May 2, 2016
  • Drafts: April 13, 2016
    Feedback on current draft due May 2, 2016
  • Drafts: March 1, 2016
The following drafts of the AUA Mission Statement, Vision Statement, Institutional Goals and Action Priorities were written based on inputs from focus groups and interviews with a variety of AUA stakeholders last fall, worksheets from units across campus, the February 6 strategic planning workshop, and review by the Strategic Planning Steering Committee during February.
Please note the following guidelines in the writing of institutional goals and action priorities:
•  Institutional Goals reflect the mission and vision and are written to reflect the continual/eternal efforts of the University.
•  Action priorities are initiatives that aim to move the institution forward in meeting its mission; they are broadly stated and drive tactical strategies.
•  Normal day-to-day procedural tasks do not qualify as action priorities.
•  Action priorities are subject to various timeframes; some may be completed within a year, some necessitate several years, others will be ongoing as they represent the continued interests and aims of a university.
Feedback is essential.  In order to ensure that AUA’s Strategic Planning process is a thorough one which reflects AUA stakeholders, members of AUA’s community are encouraged to provide feedback on these drafts.  Please take an opportunity to review these drafts and provide feedback via the comment box below by April 1, 2016.
Mission Statement – Draft Revisions
The American University of Armenia is a center of academic excellence, innovation, freedom of inquiry, and diversity that serves Armenia and the world through scholarship, teaching and life-long learning, fostering creativity, integrity, and community service.   
Vision Statement – Draft
Through its world-class academic programs, research centers, student services, and community outreach, the American University of Armenia will have a transformative impact on human social, economic, and intellectual capacity to meet the challenges of a globalized world.   Our faculty and staff will inspire students to become responsible citizens and leaders in social and technological entrepreneurship and to advance knowledge and innovation.


Reports and other documentation:

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