Master of Business Administration

Program Description

The rigorous program leading to the degree of the Master of Business Administration (MBA) is designed to provide students with relevant knowledge and practical skills that will empower them to create a new standard of excellence as entrepreneurs, managers and executives.

The AUA MBA is a comprehensive, well-rounded program that strikes a balance between theory and practice, the quantitative and qualitative perspectives to business, and the economic and social responsibilities of business leadership.

The program provides students with an integrated perspective of the functional areas of business and the economic, political, legal, and social environments that affect the business enterprise. The program also prepares students to use up-to-date technologies, and to understand the strategic role of information and communication technologies in contemporary business practice.

The curriculum is designed to help students develop skills as:

  • Managers with practical knowledge of accounting, finance, marketing and other functional areas essential for success in a dynamic and globalized business environment.
  • Innovative and forward-looking thinkers, with the ability to analyze and solve problems effectively and to make decisions strategically.
  • Creative and effective leaders, with the ability to take initiatives to bring about change.
  • Valuable team members, able to work collaboratively and to motivate, guide and mentor others.
  • Ethical business individuals, who value integrity, accountability and service to community.

The AUA MBA is designed for all individuals with strong leadership potential, regardless of their academic and professional background. Economics majors with work experience in the financial sector can benefit from the program as much as humanities and arts graduates or engineers and medical professional seeking a double competence or a career change through complementary knowledge and skills.

The MBA program is offered in two formats:

  1. Full-time MBA. An intensive format designed to be completed on a full-time basis in six terms (20 months). Most classes meet in the afternoon starting at 14:00; usually four times per week.  Those who enroll in the full-time program include students who have part-time jobs, international students and students who pursue complementary graduate studies in other institutions.
  2. Professional MBA. An extensive format of 30 consecutive months for working professionals who wish to undertake their studies and remain on the job. All classes are scheduled in the evenings starting at 18:30. Students typically come to campus 3-4 evenings per week.

Both full-time and professional students should allocate at least twice their class time for individual assignments and group work.