I’ve Been Admitted

Congratulations again on your admission to AUA!

Please read below for more information on how to confirm your seat in the Class of 2016.


Step 1 – Intent to Enroll Form – Due July 25, 2016

Accept your offer of admission by downloading your Intent to Enroll Form here and submitting it to the Office of Admissions.

Reserve your place for the Fall 2016 class by submitting the following items to the AUA Office of Admissions by no later than Tuesday July 25, 2016. If we do not receive your complete Intent to Enroll form, we will assume that you do not plan to attend AUA and your offer of admission will be canceled.

  1. Pay the 25,000 AMD non-refundable tuition deposit either by bank transfer (see instructions here) or through EasyPay cash machines . Please note that you must include the invoice # while making the payment.
  2. Submit your completed Intent to Enroll Form along with a copy of your non-refundable tuition deposit payment receipt. You can submit the form directly to the Office of Admissions during our office hours (40 Baghramyan Ave, PAB 2nd Floor, Room 217W) or by emailing a scan to grad@aua.am.
Decline your offer of admission by submitting your Intent to Enroll Form

If you do not plan on attending AUA, we ask that you let us know by submitting your Intent to Enroll Form.


Step 2 – Official Proof of Undergraduate Studies and Final Transcript – Due July 15, 2016

Check back soon for more information

Step 3 – Financial Aid

Tuition Assistance

If you applied for Tuition Assistance by the corresponding deadline date, please note you will receive an email notification regarding your status shortly after receiving your Admission Status Letter. Unfortunately, no new applications for Tuition Assistance will be accepted. Please visit http://registrar.aua.am/deadlines/ for more information.

* Citizens of Armenia also include those citizens mentioned in Chapter 1, Article 6, Clause 3 of the Republic of Armenia Law on Higher and Postgraduate Professional Education.

International Scholarships

International students may submit an application for International Scholarship available here by the June 30, 2016 deadline date. International scholarships may cover up to 50% of the cost of tuition and are merit-based.

Step 4 – Disability Support Services

AUA’s Center for Student Success is committed to provide student services and programs to support diverse learners.  Students with disabilities may obtain equal access to academic and programmatic services.  The Center for Student Success will assist students with disabilities in need of academic and programmatic accommodations as required by the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 (ADA) and Section 504 of the Federal Rehabilitation Act of 1973.  If you are interested in learning more about the disability support services and/or to complete the disability self-identification form, please visit: http://studentsuccess.aua.am/disability-support-services/.

Step 5 – Housing

You can find more information about housing here. If you are a regional or international student and are intersted in staying in dormitories, or need AUA’s assistance in finding an off-campus living arrangement, be sure to indicate so directly on your Intent to Enroll Form. Make sure to also indicate the maximum monthly cost you can allocate for housing directly on the Form.


Step 6 – Visa Support

If you are an international student who will need assistance securing a visa to study in Armenia, let us know as soon as possible. Make sure to also indicate this directly on the Intent to Enroll Form. Feel free to also send additional questions about your upcoming move to intlstudents@aua.am.


Step 7 – Advising and Registration

Check back soon for more information.


Step 8 – #IamAUA2016 on Social Media

We urge you to get on social media using the hashtag #IamAUA2016 to show just how excited you are about your admission to AUA. Did you take a video of yourself while you first read your Admission Status Letter? Have you posted a photo of just how happy you are? Then share those to: Facebook.com/AUAadmissions, Twitter @auaadmissions, and/or Instagram #IamAUA. Make sure your posts are visible to the public. The Office of Admissions will award small gifts to those posts that have the most likes and/or views.